Covid-19 Level 5 Update                                        January 26th 2021                                                                                                

Firstly, Happy New Year to you all.

As we journey through another lockdown we would like to give an update on our service provision. Keeping Safe and Following Public Health Guidelines are at the forefront of all the decisions made in the centre while also taking into the account the essential nature of our work with Young People.

  • All our Trainees have been learning to navigate the world of Microsoft Teams. All Young People have been provided with laptops to ensure continuity of education and to keep working towards completing QQI’s.
  • Our Youth Work Team are back to using Zoom to work with some of our groups online. The team remains committed to supporting the young people in Candle who do not access the online platforms and the Youth Workers are linking in with young people face to face where required.
  • The CONNECT program is operating on a reduced Timetable. Linking in with young people through key-working support on days the centre is closed.
  • The Therapies in Candle are still ongoing – delivered remotely and in the centre.
  • Key-working: Our key-working team are ensuring all Young People involved in our training program are still provided with all the supports they need during this period. This involves phone calls, Video Calls, linking in with therapies and face to face work when required.
  • Candle Home Liaison  are continuing to link in with parents and providing supports including family mindfulness.
  • For more information on any of our services please get in touch. We continue to accept new referrals – 016269111 or e-mail us on

The team reflected on what we miss most in our daily working lives in Candle since the Pandemic hit last year. A common theme was that of Connection and the ease of connection, something that in the past may have been taken for granted. We miss those moments in which laughter is shared, thoughts exchanged and hopes discussed with no barriers, no masks and no 2metre social distancing.

Community is another common theme that a lot of the team have mentioned. It’s the moments when we are all physically together sharing the same space and experiences, feeling we are part of something and there is no division, no bubbles and no maximum occupancy regulations.  

Reflecting on the things we value most makes us hopeful for the days when things return to ‘normal’. Our hopes for 2021 is to get it all back! Our building has had a number of developments which we think will really enhance the space for the young people and we can’t wait to open our doors fully again. It is hoped that for 2021 we can all stay healthy and safe and that we learn something from these difficult times. We look forward to the energy and presence that each young person will bring to the centre when they return and the opportunity to continue to build & strengthen our community in Candle.