Candle Community Trust hosted Candle Spooktacular event for the Halloween celebrations this year in partnership with Famlibase and Dublin City Council. The staff had great fun in preparation for the event turning our centre into a Spooktacular centre with Halloween decorations and staff dressing up as ghouls and ghosts. Candle seen a good crowd attend the event with over 400 young people and parents enjoying the activities provided. Candle Community Trust realise the importance of providing safe and positive activities for young people and families at this time of year. We provided an array of fun activities, hot food and Halloween treats for the young people and families including face painting, arts and crafts and the slimy gunge activities. We also had more traditional Halloween activities such as apple bobbing and pumpkin carving with over 200 young people designing their own pumpkins to take home. This year we had a top illusionist that stunned the crowds through the art of deception and a magician that entertained both parents and young people. We hope everyone involved really enjoyed the day and we hope to continue this event into the future.