Candle is currently closed to 29th March 2020 as per government guidance. We understand this is a difficult time for young people and parents and that there is a lot of worry and uncertainty around. Staff within Candle aim to support all our young people as much as possible during this time through phone calls, emails and our social media platforms. We value our young people greatly and feel it is important to provide them with activities and supports that will help them to remain hopeful during this time of change in routine and socialising.

Within Candle there is a great sense of TEAM and we know that we will work through this together as a community. Below are just some ideas and tips on how to cope with the current situation:

• Remain calm and remember this will pass
• Talk to someone about how you feel – it is normal to feel sad, overwhelmed, scared and anxious during this time
• Do something creative or something that you enjoy and take care of yourself
• Practice social distancing – talk to friends via videocall rather than meeting up, leave voice notes and send each other funny memes
• Try and get outside for some fresh air, bearing in mind social distancing
• Be aware of how much media you are watching as this could make you feel worse
• Do a home workout – lots of inspiration online.
• Listen to music

If you want to contact us during this time there are various ways you can do this, our telephone number 016269111 which will be available 9.00 – 12.30 each day, send us an email or message us via social media we are on Facebook and Instagram. Also keep an eye on the website as we will be posting regularly to our blog.

If you have any concerns about Covid 19 you can access the most accurate information via