butWe have been making great use of our new outdoor campus in Candle this summer. This space has really allowed for opportunities to connect in a safe way outdoors during the pandemic. 

Comfy outdoor beanbags for chilling and chatting, new sports features for basketball, football, volleyball and badminton  have allowed the Young People to really make the most of their time outdoors!

We have seen our training program use the facilities on a warm day and use the opportunity to learn in the sunshine, 1:1 key-working and therapies taking place in the peaceful surrounding of our sensory garden and Young People enjoying the freedom of simply being outdoors. 

The sensory garden aims to evoke our senses, sight, smell, hearing and touch, bring us into the present, being mindful, more grounded and calmer in ourselves. The garden has also created a biodiversity with its conscious planting of native plants, shrubs, and trees. In what seemed like overnight, birds, bees and butterflies filled the sensory garden. This beautiful and peaceful space has drawn staff and young people alike outdoors regardless of the weather to embrace the experience.

We are hoping the weather works in our favor this summer summer so we can continue to enjoy the benefits of our new outdoor space.