The team here in Candle recently undertook extensive training in Trauma Informed Approcahes and Practices. The training was facilitated by Dr.Karen Treisman, MBE, a specialist clinical psychologist, author, trainer and internationally renowned voice in the field of Relational Trauma and Trauma Informed organizations. The training delivered as a Multi-Agency Learning Forum including Probation Service, TUSLA and Candle. The initiative ran between September 202- March 2021 covered topics such as: The impact of relational and developmental Trauma on children’s bodies, brains, emotions, relationships, behaviours and sensory world, Organisational Trauma, Secondary Trauma and Trauma-Informed Organisational Change.

 Follow the link below to read the full Summary Paper on the multi-agency learning forum.

candle-summary-paper-pdf-compressed (1)

To find out more about the work of Dr.Karen Treisman visit her website at