A new initiative here in Candle….. 

The Candle Community Hub was set up in 2020 in response to the Covid-19 pandemic and the impact it has had on the mental Health of Young People in the community and their families. The Community Hub worked on a referral basis and had partnerships with six referral agencies initially these included Secondary Schools, TUSLA and other Youth & Community Projects in Ballyfermot. The Community Hub supported the Young People by providing psychotherapy, dramatherapy, group resilience programmes and mindfulness approaches.

In a recent evaluation of the inititaive the significantly high retention rate of 93.3% highlighted the successful engagement of Young People with the service. The structure of the project consisted of six individual sessions per person, with an option to attend a  ten-week group thereafter. Its is clear from findings that the Young People benefitted from the support offered through the Community Support Hub. It was also noted that while Therapists in Candle use a range of approaches a model of Trauma-Informed Practice has also been implemented throughout the service, working from a place of connection and encouragement, which, from the data, seems to have been profoundly successful in its practice.


Following the Success of the Candle Community Support Hub the initiative has been further developed to continue to meet the needs of the Young People and their families in Ballyfermot.


We were delighted to hear some of the positive feedback…..

Here’s What The Young People Had to Say……. 

It doesn’t feel like going into other places for counselling or therapy. I like that its…what’s the opposite of formal? Informal!

I’d have been happy to extend the number of sessions.

All places should treat it like a conversation, like they do here… ‘Cause it makes me feel like we’re figuring it out together. Instead of them testing me or training me.

I can understand now what’s going on. That’s been very helpful. More people like me need support and should be given a chance.


Feedback from Referral agencies…..

This therapy service is something that can be used as the finest example of this kind of work and what it can do. It has provided an additional add-on that we can’t provide here in our service.

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